The Rating System Explained

I chose to do it on the A - F rating scale because it is something that everybody can relate to (having attended school) and the films are scored in a similar fashion.

A+: Perfect cinematic fare. 100% enjoyable and a must-see for all!

A: Almost perfect and completely enjoyable. Something that you've got to see.

A-: An excellent movie with few flaws. The film is still great and wonderfully enjoyable.

B+: Enjoyable, worth watching, but missing something in order for it to get an A. A recommended view.

B: A good-hearted movie with several notable flaws. I enjoyed it, maybe you will too.

B-: Good intentions, but flawed cinematic fare. Still a fine flick that's overall enjoyable.

C+: The transition between good and bad. Flawed and mediocre. Some may find these films to be just great, others won't.

C: Pretty bad, possibly dull in spots. Many flaws are painfully obvious, but it has its moments.

C-: A terrible film plagued with unforgivable flaws. Not recommended.

D+: Very bad cinematic fare with only a smidgeon of redemption. Don't see it.

D: You'll be inclined to throw objects at the screen and feel like leaving the room. Completely awful!

D-: You may even want to throw chairs at the screen and yell R rated words at it. A devastated mess.

F: Failed in every aspect of a good film. You may turn into Mr. Hyde and shed the screen with your fingernails, it's so bad.

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