The Year of the Comet

An incredible wine lover played by Penelope Ann Miller soon discovers the most incredible find of her life: a giant 180 year old bottle of wine meant as a gift to Napoleon (who would have taken it if he didn't die first). The bottle is potentially worth one million dollars and she and another guy she just happens to be with, must guard it with care. Unfortunately, a band of bad guys are on their tail who has their own intentions for that bottle! The film is enjoyable, but (oh my) the dialogue and the actors are terrible! The plot is interesting but full of glitches.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Daly, Louis Jordan, Art Malik, Ian Richardson, Ian McNeice, Timothy Bentinck, Julia McCarthy, Jacques Mathou

Directed by:

Peter Yates


1992 action/adventure

Rated PG-13


Don Ignacio's score: C+

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