Wrongfully Accused

Geez! How did they ever get this script ever pass? In hope of producing a highly successful spoof such as "Airplane!" or "Naked Gun," they managed to make a bona fide stink bomb. It mainly tries to spoof "The Fugitive," but I noticed references to "Titanic," "North By Northwest," "Casablanca," "Field of Dreams," "Braveheart," "Mission: Impossible," "Riverdance" and there are probably others that I didn't pick up on. Simply put, this movie is awful! It's preposterous to believe that a film that has a joke-per-second cannot even produce one chuckle. The only way somebody will laugh watching this flick is if they're in a strait jacket. A terrible waste of Leslie Nielsen's talent.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Leslie Nielsen, Kelly LeBrock, Michael York, Richard Crenna, Sandra Bernhard, Gerald Plunkett, Aaron Pearl, Melina McGraw

Directed by:

Pat Proft


1998 comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: D-

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