Working Girl

It's overall an entertaining comedy, but not remarkable by any means, starring Melanie Griffith as a secretary who gives her boss, Sigourney Weaver, a great business idea. As is turns out, Weaver breaks her leg while skiing in the mountains and asks Griffith to take over for a while; she soon finds out that Weaver was trying to pass this idea off as her own. Griffith, steamed, brings this idea to the big boys herself. Along the way, she meets and romances with hot shot Harrison Ford.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Alec Baldwin, Joan Cusack, Philip Bosco, Nora Dunn, Oliver Platt, James Lally, Kevin Spacey, Robert Easton, Olympia Dukakis

Directed by:

Mike Nichols


1988 romance

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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