Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Technically marvelous blend of cartoons and real life. Roger Rabbit, cartoon star, learns that his cartoon wife is fooling around with Marvin Acme, cartoon producer; the Rabbit hysterically disappears one night in a highly enraged mood. The morning after, Acme's death has been reported who died because he fell victim to a falling piano. Washed up private detective Eddie Valiant becomes mixed up in this fiasco when the accused rabbit comes to his office saying that he didn't do it. Valiant reluctantly decides to help this rabbit by investigating into his subject but finds a villainous plot that will wipe all toons off the planet instead! High entertainment and an excellent film that is a memorable treat for the entire family to enjoy. The incredible special effects are flawless when it comes to the cartoon characters handling and moving around real objects! Absolutely spectacular!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Stubby Kaye

Voices of:

Charles Fleischer, Lou Hirsh, Mel Blanc, Mae Questel, Tony Anselmo

Directed by:

Robert Zemekis


1988 mystery/comedy

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: A

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