Twilight Zone: the Movie

Rod Serling's famous television series brought to the screen will certainly not disappoint. It follows the same footsteps as the classic television series did; the movie is really only four modern-made episodes. Three of the four are actually very entertaining! The first one, however, is not very good. It's about a highly prejudice man who is taught a lesson by "stepping in the shoes of" a Jew, an African and an Asian. It may be moralesque, but it's just not entertaining. The second, however, is very good about a group of people in a retirement home, who are watching their biological-clocks ticking, are given a moment to relive their childhood. Very touching and it isn't a surprise that it's directed by Steven Speilberg. The third one is good as well; ridden with special effects and a very interesting story as it slowly unfolds (let's not give anything away!) The fourth stands out as well, even though it isn't as good as the last two. It's about a man driven to insanity in an airplane during a lightning storm when he "sees things" out the airplane window. The best one of the four is difficult to determine. It's a toss up between the second and the third. A worthy film to rent.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Vic Morrow, Scatman Crothers, Bill Quinn, Selma Diamond, Kathleen Quinlan, Jeremy Licht, Kevin McCarthy, William Schallert, John Lithgow, Abbe Lane, John Larroquette, Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks, Burgess Meredith

Directed by:

John Landis, Steven Speilberg, Joe Dante and Steven Miller


1983 sci-fi/horror

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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