Strangers on a Train

An excellent Hitchcock masterpiece about a rather insane man who comes up with a wonderful plan for the perfect murder: to switch murders with somebody else so their motives will get mixed up with their alibis. He shares his idea with a rather famous tennis player he meets on a train who happens to have a grudge on his wife. Without the proper permission, the insane man kills the tennis player's wife and therefore expects the tennis player to kill the insane man's father in return. A very exciting Hitchcock film that was destined to become one of his best. A recommended view to classic movie lovers.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker, Leo G. Carroll, Patricia Hitchcock, Laura Elliot, Marion Lorne, Jonathan Hale, Howard St. John

Directed by:

Alfred Hitchcock


1951 suspence/thriller

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: A+

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