Space Camp

The movie itself is entertaining but sinks because the plot is highly unbelievable. A group of kids in NASA's Space Camp program is accidentally launched into space when allowed to venture into a real-life rocket ship to see how it's really like. Now they must really put themselves to the test! The end is very gripping, which comes as a surprise since it was previously cheesy and somewhat dull. I'm led to believe that this film was produced solely as a Space Camp promotion, but it's still a good one to show to the kiddies.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Larry B. Scott, Leaf Phoenix, Tate Donovan, Tom Skerrit, Barry Primus, Terry O'Quinn, Mitchell Anderson, T. Scott Coffey

Directed by:

Harry Winer


1986 science fiction/drama

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: B-

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