Some Kind of Wonderful

Now if they only would have found someone other than Mary Stuart Masterson (aka Mary Stuart Mediocre) to play the lead female role, I might have wanted to purchase the video and keep it in my private collection. This entirely likable teenage romance film is about a shy, poor loser (Eric Stoltz) who wants to date the popular, Miss Forget-It (Lea Thompson). He tries it, but it comes at a risk-upsetting the hot-headed rich guys. One of John Hughes's creations, it is very good…but probably not in his top ten. While Masterson is quite awful, she didn't manage to spoil the film. Stoltz and Thompson, as a contrast, are very good.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson, Lea Thompson, Craig Sheffer, John Ashton, Elias Koteas, Molly Hagan, Maddie Corman, Jane Elliot, Candace Cameron Bure, Chynna Phillips, Scott Coffey, Carmine Caridi

Directed by:

Howard Deutch


1987 romance/drama

Rated PG-13


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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