Romantic Comedy

Whoa… somebody came up with a creative title. This action-adventure, kung fu epic-nah I'm just kidding-this romantic comedy is about a Broadway playwright (Dudley Moore) who takes on a new partner (Mary Steenburgen). They fall in love, but at least one of them is married throughout their entire partnership. It makes entirely decent entertainment, but it's nothing that you'd want to write your cat about. People who liked Dudley Moore in other movies will probably be disappointed (but that probably will come to no surprise).

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Dudley Moore, Mary Steenburgen, Frances Sternhagen, Janet Eilber, Robyn Douglass, Ron Leibman, Rozsika Halmos, Alexander Lockwood, Erica HIller, Sean Patrick Guerin, Dick Wieand

Directed by:

Arthur Hiller


1983 comedy

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: C+

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