Road to Perdition

For a film that is oftentimes being compared with The Godfather, The Road to Perdition lacks adequate emotion and grit! That's not to say that this film is boring, or even poorly executed, but it should not be called "The Godfather of the 21st Century" because that is a definite overstatement. This film is much less shocking and conflicted as "The Godfather" is famous for being. Furthermore, I see no evidence that the filmmakers themselves were shooting for another Godfather, because if they were, they mis-shot the thing terribly! Rather, The Road to Perdition is more of a calm flick about the everlasting bond between father and son. The story line escalates when a well-mannered hitman (Tom Hanks) goes on a killing mission when it is discovered that his son (Tyler Hoechlin) unexpectedly tagged along. Pretty soon, the mob-leader (Paul Newman), who Hanks has been faithful to his entire life, puts a price tag on his head, sending Hanks and son fleeing. Oh, and they also get a little revenge along the way. If the cinematography weren't so breathtakingly beautiful, I would not recommend this film at all. Hank's performance is nothing to write home about. I was never sure whether I was supposed to like his character or hate it.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stanley Tucci, Daniel Craig, Tyler Hoechlin, Liam Aiken, Siaran Hinds

Directed by:

Sam Mendes


2002 crime

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: B-

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