A wondrous blunder from Robert Altman (the director of such films as M*A*S*H and Nashville) is a live-action adaptation of the famous Popeye Cartoons. Probably one of the worst films ever made that wasted the high talents of Robin Williams and Shelly Duvall. The sets are actually very good, and the costumes are dead-ringers to the comic strip, but they were completely abused by the director. There are actually some slow moving tunes in this film, that aren't amplified, and the characters sort of talk it with a tuba in the background. The songs are awful anyway. The script tries to be funny, but the audience will have to have a headache before they start laughing. Completely terrible and an utter disappointment; throw this one away!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall, Ray Walston, Paul Smith, Paul Dooley, Richard Libertini

Directed by:

Robert Altman


1980 musical/comedy

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: F

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