Paper Lion

Alan Alda plays George Plimpton, a magazine journalist, in this entertaining sports film, who is on special assignment to play quarterback for the Detroit Lions as an inexperienced and non-athletic amateur to report on how it is like. He battles frustration from infuriated teammates (because they don't want to have to rely on this bozo on the field) and he must withstand threats from them. "Paper Lion" is notable for having honest-to-goodness professional football players in the cast. Even though professional athletes have never been accredited for their acting abilities, these ones could have been a lot worse. Great for football fans! Look for Roy Scheider in a small part before "The French Connection" brought him to fame.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Alan Alda, Lauren Hutton, David Doyle, Ann Turkel, Sugar Ray Robinson, Frank Gifford, Vince Lombardi, Joe Schmidt, Alex Karras, John Gordy, Mike Lucci, Pat Studstill, Roger Brown, Roy Scheider

Directed by:

Alex March


1968 sports

Rated G.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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