This is a marginally funny comedy not to be taken beyond its surface gloss. It stars Goldie Hawn as an impossibly bratty rich brat who accidentally falls overboard her yacht and is uncovered by the local police of hick town Elk Cove. A carpenter (Kurt Russell), who was previously denied payment for improving Hawn's closet, sees the news coverage of this "mystery woman" and decides to claim that she is his wife and "work it out of her." So, clueless Hawn goes "home" and finds that she is the mother of a sloppy husband and four insane children. Need I say that the couple falls in love and Hawn's personality undergoes serious improvement? (Whups, I just did.) Well anyway there is some warmth and good humor to this movie - catch it on cable.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann, Katherine Helmond, Michael G. Hargerty, Roddy McDowall, Jared Rushton, Jeffrey Wiseman, Brian Price, Jamie Wild, Frank Campanella, Harvey Miller, Frank Buxton, Carol Williard, Hector Elizondo, Doris Hess, Ed Cree

Directed by:

Garry Marshall


1987 comedy

Rated PG


Don Ignacio's score: B-

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