The Others

Eeek! Spooky!

The Addams Family's second cousins.

Now I would like to present what happens to be the best new movie I've seen in quite a while. It is called "Citizen Kane." No wait, I said new movie, didn't I? Oops, sorry about that. The best new movie I've seen in quite a while has to be "The Others." Not only is it frightening, but it also displays intelligence and a surprise ending.

Whatever you do, don't let your friends tell you ANYTHING about this movie. Don't even let them compare this movie to anything else!

Unfortunately, "The Others" is basically just a reworking of two recent and very popular movies, which explains its box office success. However, because of this, it loses brownie points, which means that it probably won't make it to the Oscars. I'm not going to tell you which two movies it's a remake of because then I would be a hypocrite, even though I am probably not your friend. (But I'm always in the market for new friends!)

Basically, this movie is about a woman (Nicole Kidman) and her two light-allergic children living in a large house. Because these two children are allergic to light, the house must remain dark and the children must be locked in their rooms at all times. (Oooo! Spooky!) Then along comes three strange housekeepers who arrive ready for work without there having been an advertisement posted! (That's pretty spooky too!) Then all of the sudden, strange noises begin echoing throughout the house and Nicole Kidman's little girl said she saw a coupla ghosts. (Eeeeek! Very spooky!) And these ghosts keep withdrawing the curtains! (Oh no! This is too much! I want to go home!!)

Here I'm serious: go see this movie if you haven't all ready. The only descent excuse not to see this movie is if one of your stupid friends went and told you the surprise ending, in which case, I would pick up some martial arts moves from Rush Hour 2.


It could have gotten an A or an A+ if it wasn't for its unoriginality and a cheap "Agatha Christie-ish" strategy of intentionally leading the audience down the wrong track. Despite these flaws (which are really quite minor) "The Others" will have you on the edge of your seat at its mercy.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Alakina Mann, James Bently, Eric Stykes, Elaine Cassidy, Renee Asherson, Gordon Reid, Keith Allen, Michelle Fairly, A toothbrush, An outhouse, and a dozen scrambled eggs

Directed by:

Alejandro Amenabar


2001 horror

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: A-

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