The Odd Couple 2

You would have never guessed it but Felix Unger's daughter and Oscar Madison's son are getting married. That means the once-bickering fathers are going to meet again after 30 years. An unnecessary and ill-received sequel to The Odd Couple may remind viewers of Neil Simon's masterpiece from 1968 but it doesn't resemble. Matthau and Lemmon in their last appearance together, are as good as they ever have been recreating the tiring Grumpy Old Men formula and it's sometimes can get pretty funny. By far the biggest flaw is the completely wasteful supporting cast, most notoriously, Christine Baranski and Jean Smart as two buddies Lemmon and Matthau meet on their journey.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Richard Riehle, Jonathan Silverman, Lisa Waltz, Mary Beth Peil, Christine Baranski, Jean Smart, Rex Linn, Jay O. Sanders, Barnard Hughes.

Directed by:

Howard Deutch


1998 comedy

Rated PG-13


Don Ignacio's score: C+

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