The Nutty Professor

Eddie Murphy stars in this funny remake of Jerry Lewis' 1963 comedy about Sherman Klump, an excessively overweight college professor, who takes a dose of his own medicine ---- a formula he's been working on that will alter a person's DNA structure to make him/her more thin. Thus emerges Buddy Love, Klump's wild, crazy and thin alter-ego. One thing about the formula: it wears down and Prof. Klump must constantly replenish himself ---- that is, if he wants Buddy Love to return. Funny alternation of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story that features Eddie Murphy playing Sherman Klump and his six relatives. One of Murphy's best films that is good for laughs.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett, James Coburn, Dave Chapelle

Directed by:

Tom Shadyac


1996 comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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