Muse, the

Unique Albert Brooks film where he stars as a movie screenwriter who runs across a "Muse" (supposedly a Greek Goddess who causes one to be inspired and come up with a darn good screenplay). A top-notched cast (who seem to have fun in their roles) does "The Muse" well. Even the cheesy supporting cast is gone unnoticed and made amusing by this script. If you love Albert Brook's comedies then this film's for you. If you don't like light-hearted, silly comedies then skip it.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Sharon Stone, Albert Brooks, Jeff Bridges, Andie MacDowell, Steven Wright, Mark Feuerstein, Cybill Sheperd, Monica Mikala, Lorenzo Lamas, Jennifer Tilly, Rob Reiner, Wolfgang Puck, Martin Scorsese

Directed by:

Albert Brooks


1999 comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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