Murder By Death

An enjoyable and oftentimes outright hilarious parody of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians or otherwise known as And Then There Were None. Lionel Twain, an absurd dinner host, invites five of the most famous fictional detectives to dinner. He makes the promise to confuse the heck out of everybody and presents the most baffling murder left for the five to solve. A winner and a must see for all mystery buffs. The great downfall to this film is that the end is severely confusing; when the closing credits turn on, there is a profound sense of cluelessness. Notable for its excellent cast doing a superb job at mimicking some of the most beloved mystery detectives.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, David Niven, Maggie Smith, James Coco, Alec Guinness, Elsa Lanchester, Eileen Brennan, Nancy Walker, James Cromwell, Estelle Winwood, Truman Capote

Directed by:

Robert Moore


1976 mystery/comedy

Rated PG.


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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