Moonlight Mile

You know what? I'm searching and searching and searching to find a flaw with this film and I can't find one. However, at the same time, this film didn't particularly enthrall me or bring me to tears. It's a well-polished affair, and with such a powerhouse of excellent actors and actresses (I mean-the entire cast is chock-full with Academy Award winners) I highly doubt I would have received this film nearly as well. The film is about a family's reaction to the death of their college-aged daughter. Her fiancée (played by the always-excellent Jake Gyllenhaal) sticks around with the family basically out of his own good heart. I was talking about finding a flaw-well I guess there is a major flaw in that the emotion that should have swept me off my feet, failed to. Still, the movie is very worthwhile and the cast make their respective roles very memorable.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Jake Gyllenhaal,

Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, Holly Hunter, Ellen Pompeo, Richard T. Jones, Allan Cordunder, Dabney Coleman, Aleksia Landeau, Mary Ellen Trainor

Directed by:

Brad Silberling


2002 drama

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: A-

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