Memphis Belle

An account of the Memphis Belle during WWII who is about to fly their 25th mission (the cut-off point to where the pilots are sent home). Of course, since this is their very last mission and after it's completed they get to go home and go on with their happy little lives, movie logic states: "If something at present is looking pleasant, they most likely will not come out of it in one piece."

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Matthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, Tate Donovan, D.B. Sweeny, David Strathairn, Billy Zane, Sean Astin, John Lithgow, Harry Connick Jr., Courtney Gains, Neil Giuntoli

Directed by:

Michael Caton-Jones


1990 war/action

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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