McHale's Navy

This terrible cinematic update of the 60's classic sitcom features a terribly bad Tom Arnold playing McHale, a goof-off former naval employee, who hangs around the naval base supplying soldiers with booze, ice cream, bikini calendars, etc. It's a rather peaceful situation until an incompetent jerk-of-an-officer kicks him off and an East German terrorist, played by Tim Curry whose comic abilities are below par this time, threatens. The plot is unlikely, the jokes are unfunny, the characters are unbelievable, and the movie just plain stinks. However, Ernest Borgnine, TV's original McHale, makes a guest appearance. This film was obviously meant for kids.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Tom Arnold, Tim Curry, Dean Stockwell, David Alan Grier, Debra Messing, Ernest Borgnine, Brian Baley, French Stewart, Danton Stone, Henry Cho, Bruce Campbell, Anthony Jesse Cruz, Tommy Chong, Scott Cleverdon

Directed by:

Brian Spicer


1997 comedy

Rated PG.


Don Ignacio's score: D

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