The Maid

You can have a field day explaining why this romantic comedy is so stupid, but this film is entirely agreeable. Martin Sheen stars as a swingin' bachelor who goes to Paris for business reasons. There, he runs across a beauty (Jacqueline Bisset) who is simply beautiful enough for Sheen to follow around. He learns that she has a young daughter who is such a miserable brat that she manages to ward off every nanny that her mother hired. So, Sheen shows up at their house and poses as…you guessed it…a nanny! He gets the job, much to the dismay of the brat, but what he doesn't know is that Bisset is his business rival. Sheen's bonding with the brat is so cornbally that I wish I didn't eat before watching this because I puked all over the place. It certainly didn't waste an evening, but it didn't make it, either.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Martin Sheen, Jacqueline Bisset, Victoria Shalet, Jean-Pierre Cassel, James Faulkner, Isabelle Guiard, Dominic Gould, Catherine Lachens, Joe Cosgrove, Carina Barone, Jerry Di Giacomo, Jean Martin, Philippe Dehesdin, Catherine Alcover, Remy Burkel

Directed by:

Ian Toynton


1991 romance/comedy

Rated PG-13


Don Ignacio's score: C

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