Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Um, dude? Just what were you thinkin'??? I think that perhaps the best approach to this idea would have been to take a film that everybody's seen, like Titanic, and screw it up. However, the stupid director and star, Steve Oedekerk, takes a couple kung fu films that nobody's seen and re-dubs it. What's bad is that no one gets many of the jokes! For example, a sick old man coughs in the real movie, but Oedekerk edits a bug flying in his mouth. How on earth could an uninitiated person find this funny? There is some stuff that'll get a chuckle, but that's just because it's stupid and the person who chuckles at this stuff is probably mentally unbalanced (like moi). But, I gave it a higher-than-dirt grade for all you crazies out there who might appreciate it. The voice dubbing is ANNOYING! What's worse is that it was done on purpose. This whole thing was an idea by Woody Allen from the film "What's Up Tiger Lily?," and that turned out to be a much funnier film.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Steve Oedekerk. Everyone else was in the original kung fu movie and I probably can't pronounce their names well enough to spell them.

Directed by:



2002 martial arts/comedy

Rated PG-13


Don Ignacio's score: D+

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