Joy Ride

Oh joy!

I been blowed up

Here's a pleasant little surprise. It's JOY RIDE!! I remember when I had first heard about this film, probably about a month before it was released, I said to myself "Hah! You can count on me NOT seeing that!" So I went and saw it! It's a good thing I saw it too, because it is really quite exciting!

The screenplay is this film's weakest link because when you think about it, the story is not completely realistic. Okay here goes the plot. One day, Lewis Thomas (played by Paul Walker) goes on a cross country trip to pick up Venna -- not Vanna (played by Leelee Sobieski). On the way, he gets his older brother, Fuller Thomas (played by Steve Zahn) out of jail. While these siblings are driving to Boulder, Fuller decides to buy a CB radio just for the heck of it! (I don't know how many people out there would just go out and buy a CB radio!) So they attach it to the car to commence tinkering with it. In CB-Land, they meet a guy whose code name is "Rusty Nail." They decide to have a little fun. So Lewis pretends that he's a woman and invites this Rusty Nail fella to a motel room (when, really, a scabby old man is sleeping in there.) Oops! Bad idea! Rusty Nail don't like to be fooled!

Like I mentioned earlier, this isn't the best of screenplays. What makes this movie so good, however, is what director John Dahl does with it. Even though this movie isn't really believable, he MAKES it believable! He has done an excellent job making every scene work and as a result, "Joy Ride" is tremendously exciting! This movie is a pure thriller!

The cast is really quite good too. They aren't great, however. And hey! Didn't I just see this Leelee Sobieski in "The Glass House?" Why didn't she bring along Bruce Dern? (see "Glass House" review)

I recommend this movie to action lovers everywhere!

I object to the fact, though, that the film makers decided to make this movie Rated R (for excessive language and violence). It didn't have to be.


"Joy Ride" will have you clenching your fist to its conclusion! Quite a thrill ride! Go see it!

Moral of the story: CB radios are EVIL!!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Paul Walker (Luke, I am your father!!), Steve Zahn (Ya shouldnta bought that CB radio, mister), Leelee Sobieski (Can't escape from her foster parents this time!), Jessica Bowman (May I drive your car?), Stuart Stone (Who are you?), Bruce Dern (Is not in this.)

Directed by:

John Dahl


2001 thriller

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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