A strange Dark-ages film, which is the first to be directed solely by Terry Gilliam is funny in spots, but overall turns out to be a mess. The best part is this film is only Michael Palin's performance. He plays a young man who leaves home to make it big in the city. When he arrives there, he gets mixed up in things; causes a few problems with the locals, becomes a fugitive, the princess of the land falls madly in love with him. The plot is screwed up and there is substance missing in the middle. This film gets extremely disgusting and offensive at times. Not worth renting except for the most dedicated Monty Python fan. Despite the PG rating, it's not one kids should see.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Michael Palin, Max Wall, Deborah Fallender, John Le Mesurier, Anette Badland

Directed by:

Terry Gilliam


1977 fantasy/comedy

Rated PG.


Don Ignacio's score: C-

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