Home Fries

Believe me, it's as bad as the title! Two young brothers employed in the Air Force murder their father and fears that the headphones used by the employees at the nearby may have picked up their conversations. So one of them gets a job at the fast food restaurant to see if they know anything. There, he meets and falls in love with a very pregnant employee, Drew Barrymore. Her baby, however, is illegitimate and its father just happens to be the guy they killed. "Home Fries" is a terrible romance/comedy whose only redemption lies in Catherine O'Hara's eccentric performance as the psychotic mother.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Drew Barrymore, Jake Busey, Catherine O'Hara, Shelley Duvall, Luke Wilson, Kim Robillard, Daryl Mitchell, Lanny Flaherty, Chris Ellis, Blue Deckert

Directed by:

Dean Parisot


1998 romance/comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C-

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