Heaven Help Us

Neither heartwarming nor funny, Heaven Help Us still manages to deliver an entertaining view on adolescent life. A group of Catholic School boys in the 60's battle their teachers (the monks) and their strict punishments. The cast includes Tom Heard, Donald Sutherland and Wallace Shawn who contributes greatly to the film's appealing outcome but still isn't as good as it should be, so I don't recommend it. If you're looking for something of this genre, then I suggest renting National Lampoon's Animal House which has the same basic premise.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Donald Sutherland, John Herd, Andrew McCarthy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Kevin Dillon, Malcolm Danare, Jennie Dundas, Kate Reid, Wallace Shawn, Patrick Dempsey, Phillip Bosco

Directed by:

Michael Dinner


1985 comedy/drama

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: C

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