Don't expect any great laughs or amusement with this lame-brained comedy starring the recent teen sensation, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the usually dependable Sigourney Weaver, Gene Hackman, and Anne Bancroft. Weaver plays a con artist who makes a living by marrying rich men while her seductive daughter, Hewitt, stages an affair with them shortly after. That way, Weaver can collect on the divorce settlements!!! Gene Hackman and Anne Bancroft have short-lived supporting roles that offer little comic contributions. This comedy can be summed up as appalling. The acting, however, is usually competent by the experienced cast, except for Hewitt whose performance resembles that of a high school play.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ray Liotta, Jason Lee, Gene Hackman, Ann Bancroft, Jeffrey Jones, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Carrie Fisher

Directed by:

David Mirkin


2001 romance/comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C-

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