Gosford Park

Robert Altman directs this good -- if somewhat bungled -- mystery/comedy. The film is a bit hard to follow, but it's not impossible. Those who enjoy the figuring-out type of films -- if you enjoy being challenged a bit -- this movie was made for you! The ensemble cast, which for the most park contain little famous faces are all really quite notable. Especially Kelly Mcdonald, Emily Watson, Ryan Phillipe among others. Some people whom you should recognize include Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Kirsten Scott Thomas, and Alan Bates.This, I'd imagine, is a very difficult film to successfully execute and the credit for this film's success goes entirely to director Robert Altman. The mystery is a bit difficult to grasp (it isn't spelled out for you like the popular Agatha Christie movies have been) and Altman does his best with it. I can't help feeling that Gosford Park is a bit overrated, however, but overrated or not, this is an excellent murder mystery with a comic edge -- a rarity.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Kirstin Scott Thomas, Camilla Rutherford, Charles Dance, Geraldine Somerville, Tom Hollander, Natasha Wightman, Jeremy Northam, Bob Balaban, James Wilby, Claudie Blakley

Directed by:

Robert Altman


2001 mystery/comedy

Rated R


Don Ignacio's score: A-

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