The General

An excellent silent done by none other than the master of silent comedies, Buster Keaton, in one of his outstanding masterpieces. He plays a Confederate train engineer during the commencement of the Civil War who discovers that an army of Yanks just took off with one of his engines. And thus starts a great train race; one guy against dozens! Even though the quality of the picture certainly isn't satisfactory, the movie itself was wonderfully done! If you think you can overlook the commodity of modern film-making and look to an excellent silent of the past, then you've got to see this! Remade in 1956 as The Great Locomotive Chase.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley, Joseph Keaton

Directed by:

Buster Keaton


1927 war/comedy

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: A+

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