French Kiss

As far as cheesy chick flicks go, "French Kiss" is pretty average. While I did have a fun time watching the performances of the two leads (Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan) and the plot did include some good moments, the lack of chemistry between the two stars is this film's biggest fault. The story goes like this: a man dumps his girlfriend while he's on a business trip in Paris in favor for a more beautiful and more French woman. Meg Ryan, who is terrified of flying, boards the next airplane for Paris in hope of getting him back. Enter Kevin Kline, a thief who dreams of starting his own vineyard, helps Ryan through the plane's lift off by igniting an unflattering argument. Later on, Kline ends up helping Ryan get her man back, but they end up falling in love with each other. My stomach was sent romantically aflutter! However, I never once believed that these characters actually loved each other, which is the primary thing a romantic film should provide. Apart from that, Kevin Kline is wonderful and Meg Ryan (depending on your own personal preference toward her) is good.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno, Francois Cluzet, Susan Anbeh, Renee Humphrey, Michael Riley, Laurent Spielvogel, Victor Garrivier

Directed by:

Lawrence Kasdan


1995 romantic comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C+

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