Fawlty Towers (television series)

John Cleese plays Basil Fawlty, an incredibly rude and offensive hotel owner in this absolutely ingenious BBC comedy series derived from Cleese and his former wife, Connie Booth. Fawlty Towers has to be the most uproarious television series that I've ever seen; it's a shame that only twelve were made. The supporting cast is perfect; Prunella Scales is exquisite as Basil's sharp-tongued and sharp-toungued wife, Andrew Sachs is hilarious as the dimwitted but well-meaning Spanish waiter and Connie Booth is pleasing as the simple-minded housekeeper (the only sane one of the group). If you ever get the chance, then I definitely recommend that you watch these four tapes; they're unforgettable!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Andrew Sachs, Connie Booth

Directed by:

John Howard Davies


1975 comedy

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: A+

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