Father's Day

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams team up in this disappointing film where these individual comedians are funny, but their humor doesn't contribute anything relating to this incredibly weak plot. A teenager runs away from home and follows a popular rock group's cross-country tour. The child's mother, who is naturally worried, meets her former boyfriend, Billy Crystal, and informs him that this child is actually his son. Crystal is amazed and promptly looks for him. In the mean time, the same mother meets with the eccentric Williams, another one of her former boyfriends, and is told the same story, so he looks for this child as well. When these two men clash in their search, interesting results occur. Overall, the film's mildly funny and not worth seeing. Look for Mel Gibson!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Nastassia Kinski, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Charlie Hofheimer, Bruce Greenwood, Jared Harris, Mel Gibson

Directed by:

Ivan Reitman


1996 comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C

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