Fairy Tale: a True Story

This film, with a title that is an oxymoron, is really based on a true story. Two little English girls take strange photographs of fairies in the woods. Of course no one should believe that fairies are real; they're little people for goodness sake! Unexpectedly, nearly the entire population believe that they're genuine including their parents, the people at Kodak and even Arthur Conan Doyle! The only person who thinks they're fake is a lousy, rotten reporter. Now whether you think they're real, that's something that alone will have to determine. In the historical sense, they were faked, but in the movie, we're not sure. The film would have been better if the director would have told us, straightforward that these pictures were indeed false; but he chose to show little fairies flying around the screen instead. Nevertheless, it's truly a magical film that is a wonderful choice for the family.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Harvey Kietel, Peter O’Toole, Pheobe Nicholls, Paul McGann, Elizabeth Earl, Florence Hoath, Jason Salkey, Lara Morgan, Adam Franks, Guy Witcher, Joseph May, Mel Gibson

Directed by:

Charles Surridge


1997 children/fantasy

Rated PG.


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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