The Emperor's Club

The always-excellent Kevin Kline stars in this somewhat dull but overall entertaining drama about a class of history students at a prestigious private school and the wild class-clown (Emile Hirsch). It's rather uneventful and the moral is sure not to change your life, but I like it (and that's all that matters, after all). It's entirely a well-made, likable drama that is worth a peek.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Kevin Kline, Emile Hirsch, Embeth Davidtz, Rob Morrow, Edward Herrmann, Harris Yulin, Paul Franklin Dano, Rishi Mehta, Jesse Eisenberg, Gabriel Millman, Chris Morales, Luca Bigini, Michael Coppola, Sean Fredricks

Directed by:

Michael Hoffman


2002 drama

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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