Down Periscope

Sporadically funny film about a captain of a submarine participating in a war game with a very interesting, colorful and talented crew to back him up. Frasier's Kelsey Grammer is rather bland as the captain, but he manages to supply sufficient humor. Rob Schneider does a nice job as the animated and dimwitted officer who is much disliked by the crew (they eventually make him walk the plank!) Them and other notable comedians make this a delightful comedy. Crude humor executes this film from the family genre.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Kelsey Grammer, Lauren Holly, Bruce Dern, Rob Scneider, Rip Torn, Harry Dean Stanton, William H. Macy, Ken Campbell, Toby Huss, Duane Martin, Jonathan Penner, Bradford Tatum, Hal Williams

Directed by:

David S. Ward


1996 war/comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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