Dead Pet

This film is so incredibly amateurish that I had certain reservations whether I should actually hate this movie or not. (I mean, would I really hate a film my neighbor shot with his home video camera?) This film is best viewed if you consider it like a bad dream. Whoever said bad dreams have to make sense? Harvard student Jake Thompson (who for some reason is a frequent headline-subject in the local newspaper) comes home for the summer to find that his parents spent the rest of his college education funds on an operation for the family dog. So, Jake has to get a job. He finds one selling knives, but the other employees there act like its some sort of religious cult. Furthermore, the entire neighborhood begins to hate this dude because he went to jail several times for drug possession, being in a stolen vehicle, and killing the family dog - even though none of these things were his fault. It's low budget, so it doesn't sink like a typical Hollywood clunker. About two or three scenes of almost-inspired energy gives this film some redemption. The lead actor (Kevin Cotteleer), who also directed and wrote the film, shows promise should he choose to do another film, just as long as he doesn't give himself the lead role again. (Not a great actor - but who knows? They might give him a roast one day, in which case this movie would be the highlight of the evening.)

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Kevin Cotteleer, Larry Dirk, Daisy Mullen, Kate Connor, Mara Conner, Brian Jensen, Brian Konowal

Directed by:

Kevin Cotteleer


1999 comedy

Not Rated (treat it like an R).


Don Ignacio's score: C-

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