A Day at the Races

Hailed to be the third funniest Marx Brothers flick falling short of "A Night at the Opera" and "Duck Soup." A failing sanitarium is about to go bankrupt and its richest patient recommends Dr. Hackenbush (Groucho) to put things right (he's really a veterinarian) or she'll leave. The owner also bought a racing horse to help out with the financial situation that's just gotta win! An extremely funny comedy that certainly exceeds today's standard; a highlight of all Marx Brother's flicks.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Allan Jones, Maureen O'Sullivan, Margaret Dumont, Leonard Ceeley, Douglas Dumbrille, Esther Muir, Sig Rumann, Robert Middlemass

Directed by:

Sam Wood


1937 comedy

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: A-

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