Corky Romano

Hey Corky! Nice name!

Oh pops! I'm trying not to squeeze your hand so much but I'm Chris Kattan! I can't help it!

"Corky Romano" is a bad movie because A) the title B) the bad jokes C) some of the supporting cast. Wow! That's all the bad things about this movie. That means there must be something good about it then! Well, as a matter of fact, there is, but the bad seems to overshadow the good this time.

It is about a clumsy veterinarian (Chris Kattan) who is asked by his family, who are leaders of a Mafia-type clan, to go undercover in the FBI to steal the evidence on his father (Peter Falk.) Not only is this mission improbable for a normal person, but it's even worse for a klutz like Kattan!

Now, let's talk about the title. A terrible title. That is, in fact, the name of Kattan's character, but to me, it sounds more like a type of corn dog! I guess the title doesn't actually matter anyway.

The bad jokes are probably this film's greatest weakness. Whoever wrote them (probably former Vice President Al Gore) obviously doesn't have much of a sense of humor and that's coming from me! (Oooo! There's an insult for ya!) I would imagine, however, that preteens will find the jokes humorous.

The supporting cast leaves me with mixed feelings. There are those that are good (notably Peter Falk and Peter Berg as the illiterate Romano brother) but there are also those who ruin it (most notoriously Matthew Glave as jerk FBI agent Brick Davis.)

The only reason a rationally mature person would see this (other than being dragged by kids) is Chris Kattan's wonderfully nutty performance. Yes! In this day and age, it is possible for a new Saturday Night Live star to do well on the big screen! Remember Tim Meadows's "The Ladies Man," Molly Shannon's "Superstar" and Norm Macdonald's "Screwed?" Remember how terrible these actors were in their starring roles? Well, Chris Kattan does not have to join their ranks because he proves to be an excellent slapstick comedian. Perhaps if he is given a film with a funnier script next time, he'll gain some critical acclaim! Kattan has the potential of becoming the next Jim Carrey-ish slapstick king. (Remember Carrey's "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?" The quality of Kattan's performance is a notch below that.)


A cigar and handshake should go to Chris Kattan, but a good smack on the head should go to whoever wrote those terrible jokes!

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Chris Kattan, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Falk, Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Fred Ward, Richard Roundtree (isn't that Shaft?), Matthew Glave (ict, ict ict!!), Roger Fan, David Sheridan

Directed by:

Rob Pritts


2001 comedy

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C-

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