The Conspiracy Theory

A good suspenseful action flick starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts is about an obsessively paranoid man, who thinks that "everything" is a conspiracy, finally stumbles upon a real one. He must protect himself as well as Julia Roberts from "them" who are out to ruin their lives. I don't want to give anything else away because the plot unravels as the film progresses, but I didn't particularly care for what the film unraveled to. Nevertheless, The Conspiracy Theory will leave you transfixed onto the screen wondering what will happen next. A very interesting film, but not great; the acting is only adequate considering the talents involved. It's still worth seeing.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart, Cylk Cozart, Stephen Kahan, Terry Alexander, Alex McArthur

Directed by:

Richard Donner


1997 thriller/suspence

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: B

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