The Birds

Here's Alfred Hitchcock's chilling horror genre follow-up to Psycho (1960) about a bunch of birds unexpectedly deciding to attack citizens of a small town. While it certainly doesn't surpass Psycho's supremacy, "The Birds" is still an exciting film for every fan of Hitchock, the horror genre, and everyone in between! Gore in this film doesn't surpass a light PG-13 level, so it's suitable for families with preteens.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette, Veronica Cartwright, Ethel Griffies, Charles McGraw, Ruth McDevitt, Joe Mantell

Directed by:

Alfred Hitchcock


1963 horror/thriller

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: A-

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