Billy Galvin

Thoughtful but hokey film about a father (Karl Malden) and son (Lenny Von Dohlen) who for some reason has a grudge upon each other both becomes employed to work on a massive construction project. Like magic, they come to terms with one another. The terrible dialogue contains major flaws. The acting is usually bad but begins to liven up toward the conclusion. A terrible musical score. Billy Galvin is not a complete waste, but it isn't worth seeing.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Karl Malden, Lenny Von Dohlen, Lynne Charnay, Paul Guilfoyle, Barton Heyman, Toni Kalem, Alan North, Mary Ann Stackpole, Steve Sweeny, Keith Szarabajka, Joyce Van Patten.

Directed by:

John E. Gray


1986 drama

Rated PG.


Don Ignacio's score: C+

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