Big Mouth, the

Moronic Lewis picture about a fisherman who manages to catch and reel in a scuba diver who breathes his supposed last words into Lewis' ear: not to let "them" get the diamonds. Well, "them", being a rough mob, sees Lewis speaking to the scuba diver and decide to chase him (because he may know too much) after going to great lengths making sure the scuba diver is dead. Of course they rightfully believe that they'll never see of this scuba diver again, but here's the catch: Lewis is the spittin' image of him! Lewis really had some good ideas in this film and should have run away with them, but unfortunately he didn't and kept the stupid plot and the dreadful, half-witted gags. You have to be under the age of seven to enjoy this sinker whose only redeeming quality is Jerry Lewis' rubber face and the presence of chicken king, Colonel Sanders. I noticed Frank DeVol in the cast; the guy who wrote the Brady Bunch theme song.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Jerry Lewis, Harold Stone, Susan Bay, Buddy Lester, Del Moore, Paul Lambert, Frank DeVol, Colonel Sanders

Directed by:

Jerry Lewis


1967 comedy/crime

Not Rated.


Don Ignacio's score: D

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