Bad Boys

Excellent prison drama that delivers descent and suspenseful entertainment. Sean Penn is great as Mick O'Brien, a juvenile delinquent put into prison for armed robbery which indirectly leads to the killing of an innocent little kid. This kid's older brother, some time later, commits a crime and is sent to the same prison. Now, Penn must watch out for this guy; he's angry and dangerous! A very immoral film, which accounts for the title, can sometimes be depressing but succeeds in keeping the audience interested, guessing what may become of these prisoners. There are some flares of amusement as well. Ally Sheedy's debut performance.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Sean Penn, Reni Santoni, Esai Morales, Eric Gurry, Jim Moody, Ally Sheedy, Clancy Brown, Alan Ruck

Directed by:

Rick Rosenthal


1983 prison/drama

Rated R.


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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