The Bachelor

How utterly bizarre! If you're attune to the world of, say, Terry Gilliam and you enjoy romantic comedies, then this film might be worth a whirl. Not to say that I liked this world - it is not nearly as breathtaking as a Gilliam flick nor does it contain believable characters WITHIN THAT WORLD. However, this romantic comedy still strikes me as such an utterly bizarre effort that I cannot bring myself to regard it as your everyday, run-of-the-mill sappy Hollywood junk. If I were Ebert, I would not give it my thumb's up, but the film has its good qualities. For one thing, it has Renee Zellweger, that talented actress who would later save "Nurse Betty." Secondly, the plot is just weird. It revolves around a man who really doesn't want to get married inheriting billions of dollars on condition he gets married before his 30th birthday. Unfortunately, his 30th birthday is in two days. His girlfriend (Zelwegger), who he once proposed to her by saying "You win," is on a business trip in Athens, he must reluctantly find someone else. (But he really loves Zellweger!) The end of the film involves hundreds of mad women in wedding gowns who responded to a huge front-page news story about his frantic search. It might entertain you, but you will probably regard it as junk. However, I must stress that this is respectable junk! (Hundreds of insane women running wild in wedding gowns? Who woulda thought?) For the record, I realize this is a remake of a Buster Keaton classic.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Chris O'Donnell, Renee Zellweger, Edward Asner, Hal Holbrook, James Cromwell, Marley Shelton, Peter Ustinov, Katherine Towne, Rebecca Cross, Stacy Edwards, Mariah Carey, Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Esposito, Brooke Shileds, Lydell M. Cheshier, Robert Kotecki

Directed by:

Cary Sinyor


1999 historical/drama

Rated PG-13.


Don Ignacio's score: C

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