29th Street

This is certainly an unusual comedy drama that starts with young New Yorker's (Anthony LaPaglia) winning of the first New York State lottery and being unhappy about it. You see, he's been having this remarkable lucky streak ever since he was born. This film is warmhearted and sometimes funny, which makes this film quite enjoyable to watch. The character he's based on, Frank Pesce, plays an actual role in this film (the older brother). I guess this movie continues his lucky streak-how many people get a major movie produced based on their own personal story? And furthermore gets to play a role in it? Not many! I think it was even a piece of luck that this film turned out so warmhearted. That said, this isn't something you'd want to view twice.

Movie reviewed by Michael Lawrence



Danny Aiello, Anthony LaPaglia, Lainie Kazan, Frank Pesce, Robert Forster, Ron Karabatsos, Rick Aiello, Vic Manni, Paul Lazar, Pete Antico, Donna Magnani, Darren Bates, Tony Sirico, Richard K. Olsen, Richard Cerenzio

Directed by:

George Gallo


1991 comedy

Rated R


Don Ignacio's score: B+

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